Free Short Stories

Free short stories just for you!

The Last Flight of the Intrepid: When a Cyclone threatens Vesche, the Intrepid sallies forth to defend the skyland from the depredations of the Stormriders and Thojhen is going to find out what he truly is made of. Set in the world of ‘The Storm Below’.

The Plight of the Arshion: After Agerzak pirates cripple Rhione’s ship, she has to work hard to keep the ship in the sky and protect her son. Set in the world of ‘The Storm Below’.

Sailing over the Skyrift: A flash fiction about a Luastria scholar studying the strange phenomenon of the skyrifts!

5 thoughts on “Free Short Stories”

  1. Can you please add me to your subscription list so I can stay up-to-date with what’s happening with you and your book’s. I am going to download your short stories, I love fantasy of all varieties, and am looking forward to reading a new author.
    Thanks for the reads

      1. Hi, JMD, Thankyou for your quick response, and for your book’s, but I am going to be cheeky, and let you know you read my name wrong, ttttt naughty!! It’s Michelle Chantler, not Michael, sorry but I hate that minor mistake, it happens more often than you would think, can you ensure your records are up dated PLEASE, Thankyou. Michelle Chantler

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