The Illumination Cycle Series

The Illumination Cycle

3000 yearse ago, the Shattering irrevocably changed this world. Now the ancient, magical technology, the jewel machines, are being rediscovered. The world is changing and those who wish to exploit it are rising in the shadows. But where there is darkness, there is light. Flawed and broken men and women who are willing to overcome their own inner flaws and stand brilliant against the black.

The Illumination Cycle is a collection of books and short stories all set in the same world and building towards the same end!

~~Jewels of Illumination Series~~

In the city of Kash, Obhin and Avena must work together to unravel the plots of the Brotherhood, the White Lady, and a deadly necromancer while protecting the life of Dualayn, a respected jewelchine engineer!

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~~Mask of Illumination Series~~

In the city of Guirreu, the disgraced noblewoman Foonauri is searching for a new purpose. When the enigmatic Onyx asks her if she wants a new direction in life, to become a member of the thieving group the Cracked Gems.

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~~Assassins of Illumination Series~~

In the wake of the disaster in Kash after the events of the Jewels of Illumination series, two indviduals, a shape-changing assassin named No One and a woman searching for a new purpose, struggle to find their way as a crime syndicate makes a grab for power.

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~~Short Stories of the Cycle of Illumination~~

A collection of short stories that set up and expand the world, including Assassins of Remorse, the short story that birthed this entire world.

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