Review: Going Forth by Day

Going Forth by Day (Children of Stone 2)

by Mary R. Woldering

Reviewed by JMD Reid

B00W1TDGJK.01.LZZZZZZZIn the 2500s BC, a Semetic shepherd named Marai living in the Shadow of Mount Sinai discovers the Children of the Stone, consciousness from another world come to our planet to bring enlightenment. Marai, along with three women who become his wives (Ariennu, Naibe, and Deka), has traveled to Ancient Kemet to bring the stones to Hordjedtef, an old priest and son of Pharoah Khufu (the guy who was buried in the Great Pyramid at Giza). But Hordjedtef grew jealous of Marai and poisoned him in a sacred ceremony.

Now Marai lies dying in a crypt and his three wives have been told he is dead. To survive in the politics of Ancient Egypt, Ariennu, Naibe, and Deka must play along with their roles, split apart and given to other princes as maids and concubines not knowing that their husband has survived and slowly recovers in the tomb.

Will they prosper, or will Hordjedtef’s jealousy over the Children of the Stone and the machinations of Prince Meenkaare cause the three women’s downfall?

What follows in an tale of betrayal and sex, interwoven into the life of the royal family of Egypt. Once again, Woldering breathes to life the intricate nature of Ancient Egyptian politics, from the incestuous nature of their marriages to their belief in magic and curses. Her research and knowledge is impeccable and the tension in the story keeps you reading.

Will Marai recover from the poisoning and Go Forth by Day, and if he does, will he find his wives waiting for him or claimed by other, powerful men. Politics, magic, and more permeate this story and leave me waiting for book 3.

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