Happy Sunday!

Hey all! How is your Sunday going!

Second Draft of Fractured Soul (Assassins of Illumination is done!) 101,972 words. It feels solid. Ready for my editing pass then off to Poppy Kuroki for editing!

Check out Zachary Johnson reading an excerpt from Michael Evan

The Adventures of Max & the Captain, the first of a trilogy of books that I’m cowriting with him (starting with book 2 on). As always, Zachary brings the words to life!

You have to give this a listen!

Came across this article about what Facebook is about to do to groups. They’re going to get buried in the algorithm. So all the fun we’re having here might be harder to have as Facebook once again changes how they work.

Once again, Facebook proves how little they care about their users!

I’m creating a group on MeWe to do the same stuff. You don’t know what MeWe is. It’s Facebook without all the censorship. They don’t track what you do. If you want to check it out here’s the link MeWe!

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But in fun news, let’s caption! Where is this fantastical place! Comment below!


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