It’s Friday!

Happy Friday!

Woot! Woot!

I am hoping to finish the editing draft for Fractured Soul (Assassins of Illumination Book 1) today! Just a few more chapters!

Even more exciting, tonight at 9 PM EST I’ll be hosting a talk on Worldbuilding. My take on it. Why it’s important, where to start, and how to think about building your world! I hope you’ll join me at 9 PM EST in the Fantasy/SciFocus Group!

 What are you getting up to?

  • I have finished writing my reread of the next chapter of The Judging Eye, just need to get the time to edit it. Been busy this week.
  • Covers for Assassins of Illumination are complete! Stay tune for cover reveal!
  • Look at this supernal fellow! Who? What? When? Let’s caption!

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