Sleep Paralysis Poem

Sleep Paralysis

by J.M.D. Reid


The Door opens, darkness enters
Paralyzed, I lie pinned before terrifying gaze.
A bug, an insect.
Why can’t I move?
Fear bubbling, clawing against leaden limbs.
Why does it watch?
Fear boiling, shouts caught in throat.
Leave me be!
No cry escapes my lips.
Desperate will, fueled by terror
Overcomes immobility.
Covers thrown, body moving.
Shout dies in throat.
Darkness is gone, the door is closed.
Why did it watch?
Why did it watch?


11 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis Poem”

  1. Have had the same phenomenon occur. I have a sleep disorder, too. When I was little, it often felt like there was a guardian standing by my bed. I like to call this guardian to mind when terrors strike.

  2. Ride it. Don’t be scared. Let it take you into the wormhole. Don’t be pussies! Let go. You’ll thank me. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

    1. Well, I wish it was that simple. When I have an attack, there is a rational part of my brain that knows it is a dream, that it’s all in my head, that I’m in absolutely no danger, but that doesn’t take away the fear that grips me, the crushing weight on my chest, the fact that I can’t move, and the terrifying presence watching me.

  3. They call it “the sitting ghost” in parts of Asia because of that feeling crushing your chest. I understand what you’re saying and probably came off sounding glib, but I really mean what I’m saying. A filipino doctor, a very smart man, told me to let the wormhole grip you and you will be surprised how that level of almost terror dissipates and you will have the ride of your fucking life. More than two months after my first comment, I stand by what I said. I don’t think it’s simple (I apologize for giving you the wrong impression) but I do think it’s worthwhile. Ultimately, there is nothing to worry about. You’re already getting terrifying attacks. It’s all uphill from here.

    1. I understood exactly what you meant and thanks for the advice. However, on the off chance sleep paralysis and the “demon” are more than manifestations of my subconscious mind and is a real spiritual entity, I choose not to imperil my soul and opening myself up to contact. I can handle the terror and they are rare.

      1. Damn, I wish we could trade places. I haven’t had sleep paralysis in years. First it scared the shit out of me and made me scared to sleep. Then it was bliss. Now it’s gone.

        It was a lot like a girlfriend.

        However you handle it, good luck!

  4. I go through same thing. Its so horrifying, even though I know what it means, its still scary. Mine is like on and off. and when it comes it can continue for days, when the day begins to go dark and i know its sleep time i will always be scared of whats coming. Although sleep paralysis is very physical, it does have a spiritual implication.
    God helped me overcome my own and this started by overcoming fear. Once fear grips you, the experience becomes terrifying. but if you are not afraid, it will fade away as soon as it comes.

  5. Very good poem, I wrote a song about it here which captures my experience, funnily it hasn’t happened as much since I wrote the song… maybe it released the beast…

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