Rough Draft Finished!

I finished the rough draft on my novel Above the Storm (Book One of The Storm Below) today. One step closer to being published!

photos-of-storms-13The skies above the Storm are a dangerous place. Agerzak pirates hunt for lone ships to plunder, the Empire of Vaarck is forever covetous of the rebellious skylands that have slipped out of its grasp, and the mysterious Stormriders summon massive Cyclones to rise out of the ever-churning Storm Below to attack the small, floating islands. For the Autonomy of Les-Vion, the Navy is their Stormwall, protecting its citizens from all threats above and below the Storm.

On the summer solstice, every citizen of the Autonomy that had turned seventeen are given the Blessing of Riasruo, the Goddess Above, and are entered into the yearly naval draft. All Ary wants is to marry his sweetheart Chaylene and start a life with her in their small, farming village. But life never goes the way anyone plans and the Autonomy needs fresh men and women to defend their skies.

Rushing into marriage to keep from being separated, Ary and Chaylene are taken from their homes to Camp Chubris where the Autonomy trains its new batch of Sailors, Marines, and Scouts. Dealing with the stress of training, their new marriage is strained by the guilt of Ary’s childhood and the temptations of their fellow recruits.

But Ary has a dangerous secret. As a boy, he had witnessed a Cyclone attack on his home skyland and was touched by the Dark Goddess Theisseg’s lightning. This taint poses a threat to the Church of Riasruo and their assassin plot his death for the greater good of the skies above the Storm!

10 thoughts on “Rough Draft Finished!”

  1. wow, I love the synopsis for your book. After reading your post above, I’m anticipating reading your book (when finished) even more!
    Good luck with the editing process, and let me know when it’s available ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.s: we talked on Twitter btw.

    1. Hi, Qamrosh. I’ve enjoyed our talks on twitter! Glad you like the synopsis for the book. I wrote it when my grandmother asked me what it was about and my mind froze. I just wrote a 95k book and I couldn’t find the words to describe it off the top of my head. So I sat down and wrote a blurb.

    1. Hi Nicole, I’ve written two books out of a planned 5. I’m trying to find a literary agent to represent me and see if I can get published. If not, I’ll self-publish it as an ebook and printed book.

    1. If you want to get published by one of the major publishers, the easiest way is to have a literary agent to represent you. Some of the big five don’t even accept unsolicited manuscripts. For others, they have what’s called a slush pile. It can take a year or more for a publisher to get to your manuscript. During that time, you cannot submit your story to another publisher. Now literary agents allow you to query multiple agents at once with synopsis and smaller excerpts. If they think you’re book is marketable, then they have contacts in the publishers and have an easier time getting you published. Since a literary agent only gets paid if they sell your book, they’re motivated.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. I saw the email notification on your comment then got distracted. I’ve heard mixed bags from other authors on small presses and their advantages over self-publishing.

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