What Should You Write?

If you’re one of us, a writer, someone that has that itch to put pencil to paper, ink to parchment, text to screens, you probably wondering what you should write. You see what’s sitting on the bestseller list and go, “Hey, I should write ______. It seems really popular.”

Not so fast!

You can fill in the blank, whether its zombies, vampire romances, YA female protagonist in some dystopian future, or avenging serial killers; right now your local bookstore shelves are full of the same type of books based on whatever was hot the last few years.

Do not write a vampire romance or a zombie story because it’s popular and will sell. Look to your bookshelf. See what you love to read. That’s where you should start. Tell the stories that you care about, and it will show in your writing. Take what you love to read and put your mark on it. Take, absorb it, and write your take on it, put your voice to it. So if your shelf is full of vampire romances or an avenging serial killer thrillers, than go ahead and write about it, because that’s what you are passionate about.

Writing, like all the arts, is grueling. You are in the for the long slog to become even modestly successful, so you might as well enjoy what your writing, because that passion will not only show through the words you write on paper or type on screen, but will also keep you going through the difficult times as you read your newest rejection letter or, for those indie authors, stare at your Amazon sales graph hoping that this time when you hit refresh there will be a magical sale.

That’s why I’m writing an Fantasy novel. I want to tell stories in an exciting world that can only be visited through the power of the human imagination. Maybe it will sell and join the plethora of Fantasy books at the bookstore, and maybe I’ll be carving out my territory in the indie world. Either way, I’ll be selling a product that I care deeply about and I hope it will show.

15 thoughts on “What Should You Write?”

  1. I’m an epic fantasy nerd, but have trouble writing it. Once I started on urban fantasy, it seemed to click. I’d recommend exploring some garners you may be surprised.

  2. Dude, I love your blog posts. This couldn’t be more true. I’m staying true to what I’m passionate about and what I love to read. Splatterpunk. It has everything: gore, sex, horror, mayhem, deviant fucked up shit! Has Sherri Moon said, “Yeah, we like to get fucked up and do fucked up shit!”

  3. Wonderful advice here. A while back, I read a book on becoming an artist that had similar advice. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of it. But it said along these lines: Write the book you want to read. You said it very well in your blog post, that if you love what you’re writing, it’s going to show in the story. And your readers will probably pick up on that love, too.

  4. Great post! It is amazing how many writer will still insist on writing a story on something they will know very little about. Read the genre – write the genre. Reading the same genre you write will give you a better idea of down to create your own world based on that genre.

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