Writing Hard SciFi with Robert G. Williscroft: Authors in Focus Episode 109

We all have a storyteller inside of us. Join me as we find out what the rising stars and established voices in publishing have to say about their craft and inspiration.

My new book, Mask of Guilt (Mask of Illumination Book 1), is out!

We all wear masks. Some of us to hide our guilt. Lady Foonauri, lost in the malaise of depression, finds purpose with a group of all-women thieves, the Cracked Gems. Intrigue, romance, betrayal, and adventure swirls around her in this epic fantasy tale!

Today, I’m joined by Robert G. Williscroft! He is the author of the sci-fi novel Slingshot: Building the Largest Machine in Human History! You can follow him on every social media ever: FacebookParlerGabTwitterLinkedInInstagramPintrest, and YouTube. Also check out his website, the book’s website, his blog, his publisher’s website, and his books on Amazon!

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