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Review of The Sphere: Sector One: Emerging Light

The Sphere: Sector One: Emerging Light

by Sarah Jessica Curry

This esoteric book, a collection of essays and poems, is about the human journey.

A book about hope and compassion that asks us all to not fall prey to the darkness. No matter how bleak the night, the light will shine once more. We just have to remember that brilliance. Carry it with us into the dark places we must tread.

A book about Truth.

Lyrical poems to clever prose, it’s about a child trying to walk a road. The road is clear and bright, and yet the child has trouble following it. Distracted from the truth. The story resonated in me.

A powerful examination of the spiritual side of humans. However you want to describe it, there is something in our human brain that truly separates us from the other animals. We all feel that incompleteness in us that makes us yearn for something to fill it. Religion, philosophy, morality, politics. We all try to find it, but this book is about making sure you are embracing light.

Not darkness.

To remember love.

To overcome fear.

To step beyond the dread that leads us to cause so many problems in our lives. To harm others and ourselves.

It’s a short but profound read. I highly recommend it!

You can read The Sphere: Sector One: Emerging Light here!