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It’s Thursday and Episode 81 of Authors in Focus Podcast!

It’s Friday Eve!


I mailed off my taxes for the year! Boo!

Writing those checks hurt, but at least I don’t have to remember to pay them over the year!

I am 75% done with Fractured Soul’s editing draft. I should be done by tomorrow and will send it off to Poppy Kuroki by Sunday. Yay!

What are you getting up to?

  • My Author in Focus Podcast Episode 81 is out! I had a great chat with bestselling fantasy author Nicholas Eames! Give it a listen here!
  • Check out my post on how to start your worldbuilding!
  • Look at this pic. I saw it and just thought, “There’s going to be some awesome captions!”

It’s Thursday! Captain and the Max is Finished!

Hello! It’s Thursday!

Great day today.

I finished off Max and the Captain, so Michael is going to get that edited up. Stay tuned for ARC copies and it’ll also be an Audiobook!

Going to get more writing on Sands of Loss today. I’m so excited for this book. Got a new character in the group, leading to some great stuff!

What are you up to today?

  • Author in Focus Podcast: Episode # is out of my podcast. Today I chatted with ! You have to check it out!
  • Great Music: The 8 Bit Band is something I’ve been grooving to. They do big band covers of video game music! Check it out!
  • Today’s quote: “The writer must wade into life as into the sea, but only up to the navel.” –Gustave Flaubert
  • Look at this pic! Evocative, isn’t it! Let’s caption!

Good Monday Afternoon & $5 Gift Card Weekly Giveaway!

Good Monday Afternoon!

I know, I know, it’s Monday! It’s a rainy, miserable day here in Tacoma. Hope it’s better where you are!

I have settled on a title for Shadows of the Dragons 4: The Sands of Loss! I think it has a nice ring to it!

I’m into Chapter 3 on writing it! I think it’s going to be a great novel!

I finished reading Full Metal Panic 10. I’ve been a fan of the series for 15 or so years, and it’s been great to read the source novels translated into English. 10 was a gut punch. Major character death, the origins of everything that’s been going on explained, and when the bad explained his goals, I got it. I really got why he’s doing it. That’s a great villain. I could almost root for him, but our hero’s refutation of it was better.

What are you doing today?

Cool things that happened!

  • I broke my website but now it’s fixed after chatting with GoDaddy!
  • I was interviewed by Adam Gaffen! Check it out as his blog!
  • Weekly Giveaway! To win a chance at a $5 Amazon Gift Card, comment below with your favorite Fantasy Novel! Contest closes on Sunday, March 1st!
  • Let’s caption this picture!